Artificial Colorants

Artificial Colorants

Artificial Colorants

This is number seven in a series of eight outlining ingredients commonly included in so-called healthy bath products that should be avoided and that are nowhere to be found in The Bath Shoppe line of products.

What are they? There are three types of colorants used in cosmetics (mostly) and some personal care products.

Organic Colorants: This just means that the colorant contains carbon atoms—the word “organic” does not have the same meaning we associate with food. All organic colorants are either dyes or pigments.

  • Organic Dyes: are water soluble and synthetically produced from petroleum oil or coal-tar derivatives. Labeled with D&C or FD&C at the beginning of the color. These are often contaminated with lead or arsenic which have been linked to cancer, neurological disorders, reproductive toxicity and organ system toxicity.
  • Organic Pigments: are oil dispensable colorants commonly used in cosmetics. Produced from FD&C dyes so they carry the same risks as the dyes.

Inorganic Colorants: are derived from mineral compounds like zinc oxide and iron oxide. They are considered very safe with no adverse health effects.

Fruit and Vegetable Colorants: are derived from bright fruits and vegetables like beets, cherries, grapes, blueberries, peaches, etc and are considered very safe with no adverse health effects.

Why avoid? Organic colorants can eventually lead to health problems like cancer, allergies, reproductive and developmental disorders, mood swings, neurological issues, memory loss. They can also block pores, cause irritation and rashes, and skin diseases. The use of colorants in skin care products is only to make the products look good, but they do not do the same for your skin. Usually, the natural color of the product is still pleasing to the eye!

How to avoid:

  • Avoid all organic colorants (D&C, FD&C, Lake, which is derived from FD&C) by looking for the color labels in the ingredient list on the product. Especially yellow #6, Red #40 and Green #3.
  • Even if a product claims to be “natural”, ALWAYS check the ingredient list.
  • Dyes can be harmful to your skin and your body. Go dye-free to avoid putting any unwanted toxins on your body.
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